Purpose, Passion, and a Pulse on Events with Bobbi Roberts

Event pioneer, Bobbi Roberts has been putting magic in the air for over 35 years.  She founded The Balloon Connection, a very successful balloon design company in Orlando in the early 80's. Bobbi specialized in corporate, social and weddings, and has had the pleasure of creating balloon artistry for some of the largest hospitality companies in Central Florida such as

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Intentions - Navigation for the Year

2018!  It has not been business as usual.  Around the country incredible amounts snow have fallen, reports of ridiculous numbers of a very dangerous flu pandemic, a government shutdown and a soaring stock market have set the tone for an interesting year. Many made plans for the New Year and have had those derailed a bit.  The need to get back on track is urgent as the business

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Married to the Event Industry: An Insider's Guide to a Far Out Life Part I

In 2016 I attended the Special Event in Orlando with my husband, Mark Wells.  We have been in the industry for more than twenty years, owning 2 companies together, and currently, he is a successful corporate event producer.   Mark is respected and known by many, and he is often asked to be a presenter at similar conferences.   At this particular conference he served as co-ambassador and spoke at three workshops.   

As I walked alongside him and socialized with colleagues and attendees, I felt surprised at the

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